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To register or signup to our website, we would like to remind you our Signup terms. These are fair and simple rules which keeps the website in a good condition and easy for everyone. Registration is free and requires a one-time email verification before anyone can use this website. This is to ensure your identity and no bots-signup to We by default, log any details such as activity to ensure proper working of our website and / or services.

Such details are IP adresses which tracks the activity on the website in specific. These details are stored into a safe enviroment and never sold, shared or exploited in any way. The only cookies being stored on your computer is the one that keeps your login stored. In that cookie nothing else is stored such as tracking or certain 'analytics' in order to have a better visitor(s) experience.

Now that we discussed the GDPR basics and how we use certain details, we would like to remind you that our website is only menth for people of 18 years and older, and offers services such as companionship on a broad level. Upon registration, you may use services such as advertise or contact advertisers on a respectfull way. Any activity that is in conflict with (any) the law, we will handle accordingly. Please make sure when advertising, that the content (= photo's, texts and / or phonenumbers / email adresses) belong to you and that the advertising is just for you only. The minimum advertising age is 21 and above.

No intermediate is allowed to advertise. This is due to portugese law. Services can be offered on only voluntary basis. If we have suspicion this is not the case, we have the right to remove any advertisements and / or revoke the account. No refund is possible. We understand that this sounds very hard, but we act according the law and would like to remind you that this is a platform to advertise on without us being in the middle. We provide free information and do not know what actually happens behind the curtains.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. If you agree on these terms it's free for you to create a free account.


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