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What is - is a portal for adults at the age of 21 and above, where connecting people is the ultimate goal. We are not an agency, but a free escort directory for Portugal where visitors and advertisers can get in touch with eachother on a voluntary basis. does not intermediate in between a client and / or advertiser and is purely for information purposes and does not know or is aware what happens in between a meeting. It is a visitor or client's and advertisers own responsibility when meeting in Portugal. However, we do understand and believe in the need for adult companionship.

Companionship is basic need - every human being on the planet, and even animals, require the basic need of companionship. Our website furfills this need and brings people into touch on a very discrete level. Wether it's for a visit at the theatre, a business meeting with a companionship, or international travelling, understands this wish perfectly and suites to what is necessary and populair amongst the market in Portugal. Visitors and advertisers are more then welcome to Create an account.

Basics meeting - keep in mind that every advertisement on this website, offers companionship in the broadest sense, and that the advertiser might charge for her or his time in exchange. At all time, you have to respect as a client the wishes of the person you are meeting. Often there is no negotiation about pricing or that the person likes to be threated in a very bad way. Remember that the person has the right to cancel a meeting without refund if there's a good and valid reason for it. We cannot help you in any way because we are not affiliated with any of these meetings. You can always contact us if you have any questions.

Terms & conditions - many advertisers state their conditions in their advertisement(s) or other ways. It is important to stick to these terms and simply stay to the point. There is no sense into pushing things into oblivion and expect that money can buy all. Mutual respect is the number one rule in meeting people, it's best you stick to it when meeting people. Do not fall for any typical scam as well. As a tourist or local even you could be target to such practices. Always be alert and look out for yourself.

Portugal is a fine country - If you love culture, good weather, nightlife and everything around it, then Portugal is your country. Our website is focussed on the best aspects for adult entertainment and offers a wide variety of advertisements. Feel free to register and join the website of The one and only free advertising platform in Portugal, Europe.

About - We are against, any form of human trafficking, exploiting or abuse of human beings in general. Therefore we will not allow any listings or advertisements or behaviour that is suspicious enough for us to believe more is happening then just companionship. If you believe anyone is a victim of the above, do not hassitate to contact local police in Portugal. People who are under the influence of human trafficking, exploiting or abuse are often too affraid to press charges. We believe in a free will and open world where people can be who they want to be, and with anyone they like.

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