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Advertising - for advertising on we offer a free service. Anyone can register for free on our website and make use of all functionality such as placing your own advertisement in the desired category. As a visitor it is possible to place a objective and honest review as well, or contact the advertiser directly by using the website. We will do our best to keep functionality as excellent as possible and ensure that both visitor and advertiser get the best out of our service(s). We do not intermediate in between bookings and / or meetings and cannot be held responsible for any damage occured by using our website.

Extra's & more - ofcourse, besides the free advertising on a national website purely focussing on Portugal, we also offer extra's such as extra visibility on our website. These can vary from a side-wide banner, promotional such as a blogpost or many more. This brings extra exposure on a website that already offers more then 20.000 visitors a month. These extra's can be bought from the User panel where a safe & discrete payment upgrades your credits. These credits in return can be used on our website for extra promotional features and ensures a broad for our target audience. For more questions please contact us.

Your own advertisement - If anyone advertising for free, puts a little work into the advertisement, alot of the work is already done by our great website, and provides extra views to your advertisement by a great text, good and genuine photo's and ofcourse a very sensational title of your advertisement. Please keep in mind, that we might want to verify any of your details to ensure your age is the minimum of 21 and that you advertise voluntary. This is to ensure quality control and to provide everyone the very best. We are against any form of human trafficking, exploiting or abuse. For more information please read our signup terms.

Rights & more - please ensure, the used photo's, content is actually yours. There is nothing more annoying for customers to meet someone which is displaying fake photo's. Taking content from one and another website to place your advertisement on is not recommended. We will check for copyrighted materials and have to remove any of your advertisements if these break the rules. Any credits paid for such advertisements will be removed as well. We want to maintain high quality on our website and must ensure that there is no copyright infringements going on. If you have questions please contact us.


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Bebidas Almada

Cooled drinks delivered in Almada, Portugal. Open till late hours, handy when you run out of light alcoholic drink(s). Discreet, fast & best portugese wines, beers & more.


Webcam models wanted

Currently looking for work? We are on the lookout for webcam models at the age of 21 and above, who are willing to work as a adult webcam model. It is no secret that adult... ...

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